BXH BDEP-BUSD Liquidity Mining is now Officially Launched
Dear Depth community,
BXH ( has officially launched a new liquidity mining pool for Depth ( BDEP. Users can add BDEP-BUSD liquidity on BXH in the pool to get BDEP-BUSD LP Token. Then stake LP token on BXH and earn BXH rewards .
Join Mining and get high APR rewards!
LP stake Start Time: 15:30 14/10/2021
BXH Ming Rewards Start Time: 16:00 14/10/2021
Risk Reminder: Please pay attention to the risk when performing operations including depositing, withdrawing, mining, etc. on Depth. Please confirm that you are fully aware of and willing to take various kinds of risk and potential loss regarding crypto assets, DeFi, and Depth itself.
Depth Core Volunteers
October 14,2021
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