Depth launches LendHub ETH/BETH Pool. Enjoy a 3-day mining acceleration campaign
Dear Depth community,
At 10:00 (UTC+8), 14 April 2021, Depth will launch the ETH/BETH pool with LendHub and start the Depth ETH/BETH LP staking. To celebrate this, Depth will hold a 3-day mining acceleration campaign.
Details are as follows:
Users can get LP token by providing ETH/BETH liquidity for Depth-LendHub pool, and earn transaction fee rewards+LendHub Lending APY+LHB mining rewards+ DEP token rewards by staking the LP Token to the Depth-LendHub ETH/BETH staking pool.
From 10:00 (UTC+8), 14 April 2021 to 10:00 (UTC+8), 17 April 2021, the DEP mining for Depth-LendHub ETH/BETH pool will account for 10% of the mining pools, which takes up for 7.5% of the total DEP production per day.
After the event, the DEP production per day for LendHub ETH/BETH pool, LendHub stablecoin pool, FilDA stablecoin pool, and Channels stablecoin pool will be adjusted according to the market.
Depth ( is an efficient stablecoin swap protocol, based on the Huobi Ecochain. As a trusted stablecoin swap manager, Depth allows stablecoins to swap between HUSD/USDT and other stablecoins in a safe and secure environment, with good depth, low slippage, and low transaction fees.
LendHub ( is a decentralized lending platform based on the Huobi Ecological Chain. It supports pledged lending of multiple currencies on the Heco chain. Users can obtain incentive token LHB rewards by borrowing on LendHub. LHB will serve as the hub of the LendHub platform, and realize the mutual accommodation and value transfer between Huobi ecological assets through pledged lending that supports the mutual accommodation of assets on the Huobi ecological chain.
Risk Reminder: DEP is the Depth's governance token, DEP token has no intrinsic value.
Depth Core Volunteers April 14 2021
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