Depth officially launched on HECO
Dear Depth community,
Depth ( has been officially launched on HECO on February 28, 2021. Depth allows stablecoin assets to swap in a safe and secure environment, with good depth, low slippage, and low transaction fees, and provides a long-term stablecoin standard rewards pool for users.
Depth is a non-custodian crypto stablecoin swap protocol. It has been specifically designed and optimized for mobile user experience, allowing HECO users to swap large amounts of stablecoins with low transaction fees and low slippage. The above-mentioned stablecoins include HUSD and USDT, and will also include crypto stablecoin assets like HBTC, WBTC, HETH in the future.
Depth provides liquidity providers with an aggregation of multiple benefits. Besides transaction fees in the liquidity pool, Depth will integrate benefits from other DeFi projects on HECO such as smart pool protocols, lending APY, mining rewards, etc.
Risk Reminder: DEP is the Depth's governance token, DEP token has no intrinsic value.
Depth Core Volunteers Feb 28 2021
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