Announcement on Depth OTC transaction fee charges and maker rebate
Dear Depth community,
The Depth OTC 0% transaction fee campaign will end at 15:00 (UTC+8) on August 31, 2021.
From then on:
  • Takers will have to pay a 0.3% transaction fee.
  • Makers will remain 0 transaction fee and get a 0.2% rebate.
  • The remaining 0.1% transaction fee will go to Depth DAO and participate in the weekly HUSD rewards share.
With Depth OTC, users are allowed to make a peer-to-peer transaction without any slippage, registration, or custody process.
For Depth OTC product introduction:
For Depth OTC product tutorial:
Risk Reminder: DEP is the Depth's governance token. DEP token has no intrinsic value.
Depth Core Volunteers Aug 31 2021
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