Links will support DEP/HUSD liquidity mining
Dear Depth community,
MDX.COM has released the new liquidity mining whitelist at 6 pm (UTC+8) on March 30 2021, officially supporting the liquidity mining of DEP/HUSD.
According to MDEX.COM, the rewards for DEP/HUSD per block is 0.0371 MDX. After starting DAO management, the weight adjustment plan will be decided by the community's voting.
Depth ( is an efficient stablecoin swap protocol, based on the Huobi Ecochain. Depth allows stablecoins to swap between HUSD/USDT and other stablecoins in a safe and secure environment, with good depth, low slippage, and low transaction fees.
MDEX ( aims to build the largest DeFi ecosystem that integrates DEX, IMO, and DAO, forming a new business ecosystem with full-scene coverage, full-ecological deployment, and full-chain connectivity.
Risk Reminder: DEP is the Depth's governance token, DEP token has no intrinsic value.
Depth Core Volunteers March 30 2021
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