Depth Vault connects to PILOT. Deposit stablecoins to earn DEP rewards
Dear Depth community,
Depth Vaults will start to connect with PILOT at 15:30 (UTC+8) on June 17, 2021. Users can earn DEP rewards by depositing stablecoins and staking deposit proof (dpToken).
Depth Vault is a decentralized yield aggregator focusing on stablecoin assets. Depth Vault provides a one-stop stablecoin deposit service for users with highly competitive yields and rewards. By carefully selecting the mainstream lending protocols, Depth allows users to compare yields and various factors conveniently, and earn DEP rewards by depositing stablecoins through simple procedures.
PILOT is the first smart over-lending product based on Heco chain released by Pilot Lab. It provides liquidity-farming users up to 3X over-lending leverage to obtain the maximum return per unit time, and meanwhile provides a borrowing pool for users who prefer stable returns to earn profits.
Depth Vaults do not charge any fees for depositing and withdrawing. All platform earnings will be integrated into Depth DAO.
For Depth Vault tutorial, please visit:
For Depth Vault product details, please visit:
Risk Reminder: DEP is the Depth's governance token. DEP token has no intrinsic value.
Depth Core Volunteers June 17 2021
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