The Withdrawal Arrangement Of Coinwind Pool
Dear Community,
According to the announcement of Coinwind,the token deposit & withdraw will be resumed on HECO chain on 3 PM, November 10th, 2021 GMT+8. The BSC CoinWind resuming time is 6 PM, November 15th, 2021 GMT+8.
Due to the arrangement of CoinWind, Depth has deployed a new contract for community to withdraw the Depth-CoinWind pool HUSD, USDT as well as dToken for USDT (token issued by CoinWind) to be redeemed.
Now you can access to withdraw the asset on .
Please kindly read the following info provided by CoinWind to know more about this arrangement.
In the COW strategy of CoinWind HECO chain, USDT, HBTC, HFIL are affected by the BXH event, and some funds cannot be fully withdrawn. The rest of the currencies can be charged and withdrawn normally. The withdrawal ratio and the pending payment ratio are shown in the following table.
The Withdrawable Ratio on HECO
Updated Time: 7 PM, November 5th, 2021 GMT+8
For the tokens that cannot be withdrawn temporarily on HECO Chain, users will receive the corresponding number of Dtokens with the corresponding name.
For the tokens that cannot be withdrawn temporarily from the BSC chain, after users complete the data migration, the wallet address will automatically receive the corresponding amount of Ctoken [for staking] and Dtoken [for asset swaping]. Users can view the corresponding token and token amount after adding contract addresses of the corresponding tokens in the wallet. Coinwind will provide the two token contract addresses on CoinWind official channels after resuming the deposit and withdrawal functions;
In the future, CoinWind will continue to pay attention to the progress of BXH’s official channels, and actively participate in incident investigation and fund recovery. After BXH resumes the deposit and withdrawal of the HECO/BSC chain or recovers the affected funds in other ways, CoinWind will release the corresponding amount of remaining assets as soon as possible. Dtoken is the only certificate for receiving affected funds, please keep it properly.
If you have any question about CoinWind, please contact CoinWind official staff, and they will support you to complete the relevant upgrade and docking work. Please use Telegram to get in touch with us. The only contact person: @Moe_Rui
You can find more info about Coinwind here:
CoinWind official website
Announcement of CoinWind’s Lossing Estimation on BSC Chain From BXH.COM’s Incident
Announcement of resuming token deposit on HECO chain
Announcement on resuming deposit and withdrawal functions for BSC chain assets
Token Contract Address:
dusdt address: 0x3B09b39C8ddc169a1d1951F5e1Ce4741c6eE646B
dbusd address: 0xDC0382C246453B74Dd670Cb53064A4f9283aA4Be
cusdt address: 0x15339d57FBf0b06de5c5e39c756954813732Ab9a
cbusd address: 0xc06a860a7d68eEF9628d6196Eaf310A8A683670A
Depth Core Volunteer
Nov 10, 2021
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