🔥DEP Token Burn
The details and data about DEP/BDEP token burn

DEP Hard Cap

The DEP Token (DEP+BDEP) supply is limited to 10,000,000,000 .
As of now there is a total of 456,740,000 DEP tokens have been permanently burned.

How DEP supply is reduced

Reducing Liquidity Mining Emissions

Depth protocol has reduced the supply of the liquidity mining DEP after comprehensively calculating and evaluating market yield rates and stablecoin supply & demand. The reduced DEP tokens are currently kept in the Depth liquidity mining reserve pool.
The DEP Token in reserve pool will be burnt and result will be announced.

Deflationary Mechanism

Regular token buy back and burns will be conducted from time to time.
Check the DEP Token Tokenomics page for details.
DEP Token Burn History
Burned Amount
BDEP Token Burn History
Burned Amount
Oct 20, 2021