Depth Token Intro

I. DEP Token Introduction

DEP Token (DEP) is the governance token of the Depth protocol, with a total amount of about 10 billion (including DEP on HECO and BDEP on BSC). DEP on HECO was released through Depth's liquidity mining at 10:00 on March 1, 2021 (UTC+8). BDEP on BSC will be released through Depth's liquidity mining on BSC.
DEP is 100% generated with liquidity mining, completely open and fair, and the team has no pre-mining.
DEP only exists as Depth's governance token and has no investment value.
Users can stake DEP to get xDEP to participate in the governance of, and enjoy Depth ecosystem rewards sharing and a series of subsequent DAO user benefits.

1. Stablecoin Liquidity Mining

Provide stablecoin liquidity in the Depth.Fi stablecoin pool and stake LP tokens on the mining page to earn DEP liquidity mining rewards.

2. DEP LP Liquidity Mining

Depth provides DEP/HUSD LP liquidity mining on HECO. Users could get DEP liquidity mining rewards by staking DEP/HUSD liquidity LP in Depth DEX.
On BSC, Depth support the liquidity mining of BDEP/BNB on PancakeSwap through which users can earn BDEP rewards by staking BDEP/BNB LP Token in the LP Farms.

II. xDEP Token Introduction

1. Depth DAO

Depth is a decentralized protocol. All DEP holders, liquidity providers, core development volunteers, and traders have their own rights and obligation.
With the further development of Depth, there will be several topics needing discussion and decision by community voting. Depth DAO will contribute to Depth's long term run in a stable and secure way. To learn more about Depth DAO, please visit

2.xDEP token and DAO Governance and Rewards

xDEP is a non-transferable token that serves as a user's proof of governance and rewards share in Depth DAO.
Benifits of xDEP token are as following:
  • Governance Rights: By staking xDEP token to vote pool, uers can vote on proposals. 1 xDEP = 1 vote
  • Trading Fee Discounts (Depth OTC): The function is still in development, not live yet.
  • Weekly Depth DAO Rewards Share (HECO): A proportion of the trading fees accrued on the platform will be distributed to vDODO holders.‌All Depth platform earnings will be rolled into the Depth DAO pool and will be distributed to xDEP holders in HUSD at 14:00 on each Friday (UTC+8).

3. Minting and Redeeming of xDEP token

On Depth DAO Page, users can stake DEP to get xDEP at a ratio of 1:1.
In order to redeem xDEP tokens back to DEP , you will need to wait for a 7-day-long cooldown period, you should click Activate Cooldown button on Depth DAO Page and wait for 7days to claim your DEP tokens back in a 1:1 ratio.

II. Token Contract

  • Full Name: Depth Token
  • Ticker: DEP
  • Network Name: HECO mainnet
  • Token standard: HRC 20
  • Precision: 18
  • Smart contract address:
  • 0x48C859531254F25e57D1C1A8E030Ef0B1c895c27
  • Full Name: Depth Token
  • Ticker: BDEP
  • Network Name: BSC mainnet
  • Token standard: BEP 20
  • Precision: 18
  • Smart contract address:
  • 0x16f99577b259B069a2d1D166e70d349b11b1D325

III. Token Distribution

Depth Token Distribution

The max supply of DEP Token is about 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) (The actual release will be slightly less than 10 billion).
As of now, DEP token is released on both HECO (DEP) and BSC (BDEP). The max supply includes DEP token on both chains.
  • DEP has been released through liquidity mining from 10:00 a.m. on March 1, 2021 (UTC+8), and the release will be completed after about 13 years. BDEP will be released from 10:00 a.m. on Sept 27, 2021(UTC+8), and the release will be completed at the same time with DEP.
  • HECO and BSC produce a block every 3 seconds on average. On the first day of mining, 347.2 DEP has been released according to the output of each HECO block. A total of about 10,000,000 DEPs was released on the first day. After that, DEP will be released daily. The release amount is 0.999 the day before.
  • As of Sep. 30th, 2021, there are around 1,920,000,000 DEP Tokens issued on HECO Chain. And from this day, new DEP token issuance will be split into two parts: DEP on HECO (50%) and BDEP on BSC (50%). (the percentage might be modified in the future )
  • For BDEP on BSC, the release plays the same rule. There will be Depth DAO Governanced Token Burn Proposal in the future and it will be sure that the total max supply on both chains will not surpass 10 billion.

HECO DEP Token Distribution Plan

  • Liquidity Mining (75%)
  • Depth Core Volunteers (10%)
  • Long-Term Supporters (10%)
  • Depth ECO Foundation(5%).

BSC BDEP Token Distribution Plan

  • Liquidity Mining (75%)
  • Depth Core Volunteers (15%),
  • Depth ECO Foundation(10%).
  • The Liquidity Mining rewards releasing speed will be adjusted dynamically according to the market APY\liquidity\price and more. Depth core volunteers, that is, Depth's core development team. The team's token will be released in blocks in the same cycle as community mining. Depth ECO Foundation will provide support for marketing and operations of Depth. This part will be released in blocks in the same cycle as community mining. Long-Term Supporters. The DEP token on HECO allocated to long-term supporters are also released in blocks in the same cycle as the community mining, but the timelock contract will be used to lock the position for 4 years, and the linear release will be carried out after 4 years. The release cycle is 4 years. There will be no such allocation for BDEP on BSC.