Depth Vault Intro
Depth Vault is a decentralized yield aggregator focusing on stablecoin assets. Depth Vault provides a one-stop stablecoin deposit service for users with highly competitive yields and rewards.
Depth Vault carefully selects the mainstream lending protocols, letting users compare yields and various factors conveniently, and deposit stablecoins through simple procedures to obtain DEP rewards.
Users can obtain DEP mining rewards by depositing stablecoins and staking depositing proof (dHUSD, dUSDT).

I. Parameter Details

Fees of Depth Vault(HECO & BSC)
Deposit & Withdraw Fee: Free

II. Depth Vault FAQ

1. Fees & Rewards Distribution

Depositing and withdrawing on Depth Vault won't cost any fees. All platform earnings will be integrated to Depth DAO.

2. What are the differences between HUSD and dToken?

HUSD is the stablecoin. dHUSD is the proof of stablecoin depositing. dcHUSD is the proof of depositing stablecoins to Depth Vault-Channels pool, dfHUSD is the proof of depositing stablecoins to Depth Vault-FilDA pool, and dlHUSD if for Depth Vault-Lendhub pool, and so on.

3. Is the APR calculated by compound interest or simple interest?

Depth's APR is calculated by simple interest. If the APR is 365%, then the Daily Percentage Rate is 365%/365=1%.

4. Rewards & DEP Token

All rewards earnt from Depth Vault will be received in DEP. DEP is the governance token of Depth and has no intrinsic value. To learn more about the DEP token, please visit

5. Oracle & Security

Depth Vault does not need an oracle to get a quotation. Users will not get rewards in stablecoins and the amount of principal will remain the same when withdrawing, so there's no need for price feed in this process.