Depth DEX Tutorial
Depth DEX Tutorial

I. Overview

DEX based on the AMM mechanism is already the indispensable infrastructure of the crypto assets. At the same time, this charming field is never lack of new challengers, Depth DEX is one of them. Just like other head DEX, Depth DEX will provide users with a silky, low Gas Fee trading experience and rich liquidity mining rewards.
Of course, Depth DEX also has its own characteristics. In terms of assets and operations, Depth will only support selected assets to form an excellent liquidity pool, reduce exchange losses due to slippage, and make the trading experience more friendly.
Depth DEX will also promote the construction of DeFi Lego, deeply linking the DEX section with multiple cooperative projects in the Depth ecosystem, providing users more choices on assets and portfolio.

II. Log in and Connect the Wallet:

On APP or PC, visit Depth official

1. PC Access

Visit using the browser with a MetaMask wallet.
Switch the network to HECO Mainnet on MetaMask wallet. Then click 【Connect Wallet】on the up right corner.

2. APP Access

Depth Has Been Supported By:
Direcly vist or click the DApp logo of Depth in the wallet.

III. Parameter Details

Fees of Depth DEX:Fee: 0.3%
Attribution of fee income:100% attributed to Depth DAO
Liquidity provider rewards: specific trading pair pools will open DEP rewards for staking LP Token

IV. Risk Reminder

Depth is a non-custodial stablecoin swap DeFi protocol. Due to the characteristics of DeFi and crypto assets, using Depth may have the following risks:
  • Depth's own smart contract has a bug or is attacked.
  • Permanent loss caused by the decoupling of a certain stablecoin.
  • Risks of other related protocols.
As users of DeFi protocols, please do not underestimate the risks associated with providing liquidity to Depth or other DeFi protocols. Even though there has been a long period of operation and testing, as well as continuous technological advancement, the existance of risks cannot be denied.