Lucky HECO: HECO Chain, in collaboration with Depth, jointly opened an NFT Wish Fountain with a total value of over 30,000 USDT or 4,000 prizes.
Depth Official Website:

I. How to Redeem Depth NFT Rewards

1. Check the Rewards and Token ID

Note: The NFT Rewards will automatically appear in Huobi Wallet. Users with other wallets can go to to check the rewards.
Visit, connect wallet, then click "Account".
Please click the NFT to further check the Token ID.
You can also click box below th check the Token ID:

2. Visit Depth.Fi to Redeem the NFT Rewards

Visit Depth.Fi, connect your wallet, then click Claim NFT Rewards
Put in the NFT Token ID once checked on, and click Confirm
Users can choose to claim the rewards directly, or to get a 50% buff by clicking Get additional.
Note: If you have already staked over 1000 DEP in Depth DAO, you will be able to claim the rewards with a 50% buff directly.

3. How to Get 50% Additional Rewards

Users with over 1000 DEP staked in Depth DAO can get 50% additional rewards.

1)Go to Depth DAO page

Click Get Additional and you will jump to the Depth DAO page. Click Stake DEP.

2)Approve and Put in the Amount

Approve in your wallet and then put in the amount of DEP that you want to stake. Clicking MAX can let you put in the largest amount of DEP you have in the wallet.
Users wanting to get 50% additional NFT rewards need to stake at least 1000 DEP.

3) Confirm Staking

Click Confirm to stake DEP tokens.
Notice: Users are not able to withdraw DEP immediately if they want to cancel staking. There will be a 7-day cooldown period. Please activate cooldown first on this page and wait for 7 days before withdrawing the staked DEP to your wallet.
Users who have staked DEP into the Depth DAO can claim weekly rewards in HUSD after 2 pm (UTC+8) on each Friday. The rewards for each period need to be claimed in one week, or it will be rolled in to Depth DAO for next week's rewards share.
For Depth DAO tutorial, please visit:
For Depth DAO product details and FAQ, please visit:
3) Claim Rewards with a 50% Buff
After staking over 1000 DEP into Depth DAO, please go back to NFT Claim page to claim your rewards with additional 50% DEP token.

II. Event Review

1. Fill in the Wish Foutain Form

Users holding one HT with Huobi Global or HECO Chain can automatically get the wish qualification. After making the wish list and choosing Wish Fountain 3 – DeFi Privileged NFTs of Depth, users will have the opportunity to get rare NFT airdrops from Depth (Highest value of 2000U).
Fill-in date: August 16-August 22 (UTC+8)

2. Depth Wish Fountain Rewards

Distribution Date: August 25(UTC+8)