BXH BDEP/BUSD LP Mining Tutorial

How to add BDEP/BUSD token liquidity on BXH.COM and then get BXH Rewards

I. How to Add Liquidity

Visit the Liquidity Page.
Find BDEP/BUSD pair and click the Add Liquidity button.
Or Click The Link Below:
For the top Input, copy and paste the BDEP Contract below to import.
BDEP Token Contract:
For the bottom input, choose BUSD asset.
Put in the amount for one asset and the system will calculate the amount of the other asset automatically. Please make sure that you have enough balance for both assets.
Click the Apporve BDEP button and approve it in your wallet.
A window will appear saying how much you will receive. Click the Confirm Supply button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
Wait for a short time and then you will see your LP Token balance at the bottom of the page.

II. How to Stake LP Tokens

Find【Liquidity】 in the navigation bar and find 【Inovation】column
Find the BDEP/BUSD pool and click Stake
Under the Stake tag, put in the amount you want to stake, and click Stake. Then confirm in your wallet.

III. How to Remove Liquidity

Before removing the liquidity, users have to withdraw the LP tokens on BXH first. Go to the Liquidity page and will see withdraw tag, put in the amount you want to withdraw.
Confirm in your wallet and then visit the Liquidity Page.
Find your pairs under “Your Liquidity”
Click Remove. A new window will appear.
Use the buttons or slider to choose what percent to remove. Choose MAX to remove everything.
Click Enabled. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
The Remove button will light up. Click it.
A window will appear showing what you will receive. Click Confirm, and then confirm it in your wallet.