Hswap DEP/USDT LP Mining Tutorial

Tutorial Overview

This is the tutorial provided by the Depth community. In this tutorial, you will learn the main process and matters needing attention when using Depth DEP-USDT LP mining.

1.How to Add Liquidity

Authorize and addition of DEP-USDT liquidity in the Hswap pool and obtain DEP-USDT LP Token.
Hswap official website address:​
For first-time users, please approve and confirm in your wallet.
After the authorization, enter the amount and select 【Supply】, and then 【Confirm Supply】, authorize the wallet and wait for the block confirmation.

2.How to stake LP token

On the【Liquidity Pools】-【Mining】page of official website,click【Depth Pond】and select DEP-USDT(Hswap)to stake your LP Token.
Depth official webside :​

3.Authorization and stake

The user need to click【Stake】,and waiting the wallet is confirmed.
After authorize and the block is confirmed, please click 【Stake】you will see the number of DEPs that have been mined at the top.

4. How to get rewards and withdraw LP token

Click【Claim】to get the DEP token.
Click【Withdraw】-【Unstake ALL】-【Withdraw】,you could get all DEP and cancel the stake your LP Token.

5.How to remove liquidity

After you get LP token back, you can authorize the remove liquidity of DEP-USDT in Hswap fund pool.
Hswap official webside:​