Depth Swap Tutorial
How to use Depth Swap to swap stablecoin in a low slippage and low fees
Before logging in, the wallet need to be set up first. Make sure that your wallet supports HECO/BSC network. Details about Wallet Settings:

I. Visit Depth.Fi and Connect Wallet

Visit Depth official website:
Click 【Connect Wallet】
Click 【Token Swap】or【Stablecoins Swap】according to your need

II. Select Assets and Approve

Select the assets you want to swap and approve it in your wallet.
The upper asset is the one you want to sell and the lower asset is the one you will get. In the picture above, the user is going to sell HUSD to get DEP.
If you want to swap HUSD for USDT, then go to Stablecoins Swap. For fresh users, you will need to approve the assets in your wallet first.

III. Put in the Amount & Confirm Swap

Put in the amount and the platform will calculate how much assets you can get in return.
Make sure the information is correct (swap proportion and the supposed transaction fee)
Then click "Swap". The platform will send a request to your wallet.

IV. Notice

Please pay attention to the swap ratio and the amount you should receive. In extreme circumstances or under false operation, the stablecoin swap can also be out of the 1:1 proportion. Thus, please confirm swap after making sure that the amount and proportion meet your expectation.

V. Instruction of Extra Functions

1. MAX

Click 【MAX】to put the largest amount you have in the connected wallet into the bar.

2. Arrow

Click the arrow to switch the swap direction. In the first picture, it means you are using HUSD to get USDT. By clicking the arrow, the direction turns to using USDT to get HUSD.

3. Advanced Settings

To avoid a loss, you can click the screw symbol on the up right corner to set up a limit for the slippage. The transaction will not continue if the slippage is higher than what you set. To protect traders, the default slippage limit is up to 0.5%. You can manually modify it in the custom box at the right end, but doing so may cause great market risks. Therefore, please be careful when setting this up.

VII. Risk Reminder

Depth is a non-custodial stablecoin swap DeFi protocol. Due to the characteristics of DeFi and crypto assets, using Depth may have the following risks:
  • Depth's own smart contract has a bug or is attacked.
  • Permanent loss caused by the decoupling of a certain stablecoin.
  • Risks of other related protocols.
As users of DeFi protocols, please do not underestimate the risks associated with providing liquidity to Depth or other DeFi protocols. Even though there has been a long period of operation and testing, as well as continuous technological advancement, the existance of risks cannot be denied.