Depth Vault Tutorial
Manage Single Stablecoin and Assets on Vault

I. Tutorial Overview

This is the tutorial provided by the Depth community. In this tutorial, you will learn the main process and matters needing attention when using Depth Vault. If you have any questions or confusion, please join the Depth Telegram/Discord community. The volunteers there will be happy to help.
Depth Vault is a decentralized yield aggregator focusing on stablecoins. Depth vault provides users with a one-stop stablecoin saving service with competitive rewards rates.

II. Depth Vault Tutorial

1. Log in and Connect the Wallet:

PC Access

Visit using the browser with a MetaMask wallet.
Switch the network to HECO Mainnet on MetaMask wallet. Then click 【Connect Wallet】on the up right corner.

APP Access

Depth Has Been Supported By:
Direcly vist or click the DApp logo of Depth
in your wallet app.

2. Select a Pool

Depth Vault has two sections: The USDT section and the HUSD section. Under each section, users can select a connected platform according to their preferences and needs.
All deposit services are provided by a third-party platform. Using Depth Vault can help users earn a higher expected rate of rewards.

3. Deposit and Stake Assets

Put in the number of stablecoins that you want to deposit under the Deposit tag. You can click 【MAX】to put in all you have in the wallet.
Click【Approve】, wait for the block to confirm, and then click【Deposit】
You will get dTokens as the proof of depositing after this process.
Swipe down a little bit. Put in the number of dTokens you want to stake. Click【Approve】, wait for the block to confirm, and then click【Stake】.
You will start to earn DEP rewards after finishing this process.

4. Rewards Claim

You can check how many DEPs you have earned by visiting the pool you once staked dTokens.
Click【Claim】and approve in your wallet to get the DEP rewards.

5. Assets Withdrawal

Go to the 【Withdrawal】tag,you need to unstake dTokens first before withdrawing the stablecoin assets.
Click【Unstake】and confirm in your wallet.
Then you will see the number of HUSD that is available to withdraw. Put in the amount that you want to get and click 【Withdrawal】. Confirm in your wallet and wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

III. Risk Reminder

Depth is a non-custodial stablecoin swap DeFi protocol. Due to the characteristics of DeFi and crypto assets, using Depth may have the following risks:
  • Depth's own smart contract has a bug or is attacked.
  • Permanent loss caused by the decoupling of a certain stablecoin.
  • Risks of other related protocols.
As users of DeFi protocols, please do not underestimate the risks associated with providing liquidity to Depth or other DeFi protocols. Even though there has been a long period of operation and testing, as well as continuous technological advancement, the existance of risks cannot be denied.