BSC & HECO Wallet Tutorial
This tutorial elaborates the installation and usage of HECO & BSC wallets.
This tutorial elaborates the installation and usage of HECO&BSC wallets.
For those who are pursuing wallets with high security and convenience, exploring HECO & BSC on mobile APPs is recommended.

I. HECO Wallet Installation and Settings

1. APP: How to Dowload HECO Wallet?

Most of the mainstream crypto wallets has supported HECO chain natively.
Go to HECO official website and pick a wallet you like:
Download the APP,then create or import a HECO wallet.

2. APP: How to Add HECO Assets?

How to add HUSD and USDT in Huobi Wallet
Click 【Wallet】 and then click the 【plus sign】
Swipe right to find the 【HECO token】 tag. Select HUSD and USDT
How to add HUSD and USDT in TokenPocket
Click the 【Plus sign】

II. PC/MAC MetaMask Wallet Installation and Settings

1. Installation Process for MetaMask

Go to MetaMask official website
Click "Download now" to get the Google Chrome extension
Click "Install MetaMask for Chrome"
In the chrome web store,Click “Add to Chrome” and then click "Add extension"
Create a new wallet or import an existing one
Carefully read the term and click "I Agree", then create a password
Click on the grey area to unlock your seed phrase. Be sure to store this seed phrase safely.
Now you are good to go!

2. Desktop Wallet:Settings of HECO Mainnet

Click the MetaMask fox;Click Ethereum Mainnet and then click Custom RPC
Fill in the information below to set up the HECO Mainnet:
Network Name:Heco Mainnet
Chain ID:128
Currency Symbol(optional):HT
Block Explorer URL(optional):
You may try the alternative RPC when to your need:
Alternative RPC URL:
Click Save.

3. How to Add HECO Assets in Metamask Wallets

Add token information manually in MetaMask wallet
Select "HECO Mainnet", then click "Add Token"
Click "Custom Token", fill in following information and then click Next
Contract information for HRC20:

III. How to Withdraw Stablecoins from Exchanges to HECO

Visit HuobiGlobal official websites or APP
Select【Balances】->【Withdraw】->【HUSD】,check the HECO chain

1. Steps for Desktop

2. Steps for APP

Please notice that when withdrawing HUSD, a certain amount of HT needs to be withdrawn at the mean time. Normally 1 HT is enough as the gas fee.
After successfully withdraw the assets, the token information needs to be manually added to be shown in the wallet.

IV. BSC Wallet Installation and Settings:

Go to BSC official website and pick a wallet you like:
Binance Smart Chain Wallet Support - Binance Chain Docs
Please Visit the Binance official tutorial to set BSC wallets:
Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain | Binance Academy
Binance Academy

V. DEP Token Information

HECO DEP Smart contract address

Decimals 18
Token Ticker DEP
Blockchain Network HECO
Token Standard HRC 20

BSC BDEP Smart contract address

Decimals 18
Token Ticker BDEP
Blockchain Network BSC
Token Standard BEP 20